How to Turn Android into iPhone

It is guaranteed that many people really want or try the iPhone, but can’t afford it because the price is too high. If not for that reason, another thing that keeps people using Android is not wanting to enter the Apple ecosystem.

Lucky for you, because now there is a way to change the appearance of Android to iPhone without changing the operating system. The method is easy and also free so anyone can try it. All this thanks to the Painech YouTube channel which provides information regarding this. Here are the steps.

1. Download the application first

The application in question is called Launcher iOS 12. Through this application you can change the appearance of your Android to look like the iPhone X and his friends. Without this app, you can’t change the look of your Android.

2. Download control center and assistive touch

Open the application. The first thing you need to do is download the Control Center and Assistive Touch interface. These two features are different applications from the iOS 12 Launcher and the application is used to adjust the control center display and assistive touch later.

3. Set what applications are in the control center and their position

Go to the control center application. There you will find any application settings that will come out in the control center. Choose what you want. Don’t forget to set the position of the control center where it will come out. There are three options, namely left, right and bottom of your phone screen.

4. Don’t forget to download iPhone wallpapers

To make sure your Android looks like an iPhone, you can also download iPhone wallpapers. This wallpaper can be downloaded via the iOS 12 Launcher application. Just go to the wallpapers option and select the wallpaper you like.

5. Turn on assistive touch if you like

If you like the assistive touch feature in the form of a small circle, you can turn it on. It is enough to open the control center application, then go to the bottom and you will find the assistive touch option. Select it and again there will be an option to bring up the assistive touch. Change the options.

6. Can be customized for the Android version

The advantage of the iPhone display for Android is that these features can be customized more widely than the iPhone’s. For example, you can color assistive touch which you can’t do on the iPhone.

7. Not everything is the same

Of course converting views won’t be completely similar and work. For example, the Play Store icon on Android changes to the same as the App Store icon on the iPhone X. It’s just that the Play Store text itself doesn’t change.

Those are the steps and how to change the look of Android to iPhone. You can customize it further as you want by fiddling with the iOS 12 Launcher app. For more details, please see this video. Have fun with your new Android iPhone!


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